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What We Do

Inventory Control - 24/7

Balancing inventory stock levels does not have to take lengthy hours.

Quality Assurance

Our effective inventory control system offers a standardized line of procedures.

Order Fulfillment

Take control of your company. Allow Marlan's World Services to scale your business.

About Us

At Marlan’s World Services, we provide solutions to the supply chain and digital demands of the business world. We understand your organization could be experiencing changes that include expanding. With growth comes the urge to take a profitable approach. Our end-to-end logistics, branding, and digital marketing expertise is a great fit for your company.

Our team of passionate and thoughtful professionals pays keen attention to details. We create product visuals that match industry standards. We provide the storehouse your business needs to grow. Our warehouses are secure and strategically positioned to ease delivery timing. We also provide digital services that foster brand visibility and profit maximization.

You have functional products, but lack the resources to package and store these goods. Marlan’s World Services will take proper care of your stock. We ensure your customers’ orders are safely placed in their hands without delay. We take thorough steps to fulfil every order. MWS saves you the stress of engrossing yourself with the nitty-gritty of logistics, online marketing, and branding. All you need to do is pass on the proposal to us and focus on other aspects of expanding your company.


Sourcing (from anywhere in the world)

With thousands of valuable suppliers across the globe and a reliable quality control team, you can always count on us to source the best products at favorable pricing.

International Logistics

Our formidable supply chain management system and active universal network provide solutions to any logistics challenge our clients may experience. Shipping services include FCL, airfreight, LCL, and air cargo.


From manufacturing to warehousing, our detail-oriented inspection team tests all products to about defective products delivered to our clients.


Create first-class product images to promote your business. We tell your brand story through consistent and on-brand visuals that stand out.

Storage Facilities

Our strategically positioned warehouses in China, Africa, Europe, and America manage small to large quantities of products on a global scale. Our packaging services are safe, durable, and neat.

Fulfillment services

Marlan's World Services seamlessly handles the entire fulfilment cycle. We receive inventory, provide storage, picking and packing, international shipping, swift delivery, and returns.

Digital marketing services

We carve a niche for you in the highly competitive digital space. Grow your social worth and boost it with us.

We offer:

• Search Engine Optimization

• Graphics Design

• Social Media Marketing

• Email Marketing

• Website Optimization


Get you a 3PL company like Marlan’s World Services. Our company was growing and we had new demands that our space couldn’t meet. MWS has helped our company a great deal. They worry about the hectic process of order fulfillment.


We am always particular about my packaging. Our customers love that about our brand. Before I handed over picking and packing to Marlan’s World Services, I had to take a physical tour around the warehouse in Florida.


Dealing with the immigration process was starting to take its mental swings at me. The pressure of communicating through each process was driving me nuts. I was referred to Marlan’s World Services and haven't looked back since.

Marlan’s Deluxe

You guys rock! A customer noticed her parcel's packaging was broken and initiated returns. The process was easy, and the agent was polite and helpful. I will do this again. That’s how you do business—credible and excellent.

Haggler Planet



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